GIORGIO TOSO: il maestro dell'alambicco più famoso d'Italia
Cascina dove  nato Romano e sede della distilleria

The ash wood and chestnut wood barrels leave the grappa white. The acacia and oak barrels give the grappa a yellowish tint by releasing their natural substances into the spirit. “I mix them all together, I only make one kind on grappa”, says Levi, “after all it is the quality and consistency of the vapour that really counts”. The distillery produces around one hundred bottles of grappa a day. These are all sold in a lightning flash, directly from the small office where the bottles are filled and corked by hand. The labels and wrappers are pasted onto the bottles by hand under bare light bulbs. The natural light is blocked out by spiders’ webs that are as thick as bed sheets, to say the least they are very old. “They are the best mosquito nets that I know of”, confirms Levi. “The spiders are nice, they make good company and run around the place climbing over crevices and mounds like real mountaineers”.
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On the top floor of the house there is Lidia, the oldest sister. Until quite recently she used to go into the garden to collect herbs: rue, lemon balm, sage, basil and thyme to flavour the grappas. Because of the infirmities of old age she now also lives apart. The muffled noises from the courtyard reach her rooms. Cats doze on the ledges of the half-opened windows. The seasons merge together uneventfully through the glass.
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